Management Team
  • Dmitry Pak
    Managing Partner
    Over 15 years in innovation companies management
    Successful development of Ulnanotech, Testgene
    Solid experience in project development in IoT, biotech, renewable energy, construction, finance
    Graduated from Politechnical University, MSc degree, engineering and strategic management
Advisory Board
  • Andrey Toropovsky
    Ph.D. in Medicine
    Author of more than 30 publications and Russian and Eurasian Patents in molecular diagnostics
    Doctor of clinical and laboratory diagnostics, public health professional
    Large experience in innovative companies' management (molecular genetics)
    Experience in production of genetic test-systems from scratch
  • Alexey Nikitin
    Ph.D. in Biology
    Author of more than 100 publications in molecular genetics and Eurasian and Russian Patents in molecular diagnostics
    Molecular geneticist, developer of test-systems for molecular diagnostics, specialist in bioinformatics
    Developed and applied a lot of methods of genotyping and mutations detection in hereditary and oncological diseases, has wide experience in implementation of NGS solutions into clinical practice
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